Turnover   Annual turnover of over U.S.$ ten millions plus.

No of Employee   55
Steady growth has been recorded since inception. Due to constant attention to growth, it has always been a policy of the company to ensure that competent staff should be engaged. Also, special emphasis is given to in-house training of staff to bring them up to desired international standards. Professionalism is practiced at all levels of operation, and special emphasis is laid on human relationship.

The company is divided into various identities
a)      Marketing & Merchandising
b)      Sourcing & Sampling
c)      Inspection & Quality control
d)      Accounts & Banking
e)      Secretarial

Inspection and Quality control.

This is a fully equipped independent department directly answerable to the top management.
A full fledged quality control procedure is already in place. Daily, weekly and item wise reports are monitored very carefully. Where required, these reports are also submitted to the buyers for their review.
This department makes all patterns and its amendments, if required. No production can start without prior approval of the quality control department. Our quality control personnel will be permanently engaged at all times when production is in progress.
Enormous emphasis is given to this department. Each and every staff is constantly trained to understand and appreciate quality requirements. Therefore, each and every person needs to have a reasonable idea about the requirments in terms of western world, its fashion and trend. Due to our special emphasis on quality at all times, we have been successful to demand and achieve quality products. We enjoy an enormous amount of goodwill of our customers, who trust our competence in achieving quality products.

This department will receive all inquires. They will make offers against particular inquiry and finalise all contracts with the buyer.

Sourcing and Sampling 
This department will analyze each and every order and assess exact material requirement for each order. They will counter check the same with the factory.

They will also arrange to make samples as per buyers’ requirement.   
We have one of the most self-sustained sampling departments capable of providing all development samples for all our buyers needs. This department is very active and possibly one of the most organized and capable in the country. Therefore, we are able to convert quickly, a fax inquiry into made up finished sample, which can be viewed as finished products.


Our main market has been Europe with special emphasis on U.K. market. 80% of the turnover of our company is in the UK. However, aggressive marketing is pursued in other European countries and slowly we are achieving market share in other European countries. We aim to expand market share in other countries. We aim to expand rapidly so that within year 2004, 50% of our business will be in other countries beside U.K.
U.S.A.  – Our operations in the U.S.A. has been very limited. Between 1993/1996 we engaged ourselves in some volume of baby wear business in USA. The business was growing with good potential. However, due to comparatively rapid growth of business in Europe we decided to keep the USA business in abeyance, at the time. 
We are looking again to go back to the USA market. We feel that presently, we are adequately equipped with staff and products to successfully operate in the USA market to the full satisfaction of our clients.

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